Sunday, September 28, 2008

Painfully Cute!

My friend Chelsie and I get together quite a bit to be crafty and our latest adventure ended up being painfully cute...literally. So we needed 12"-18" metal stars...and we needed them cheap because we wanted 5 each. So we went on a hunt and found that we could get them for $22-$ it would end up costing us at least $110! Ya right!! We finally found some at Tai Pan for $5 each but they were not exactly what we wanted. These had two stars welded together to make a 3-D big deal though right? We figured we could just break the welds and take them apart.

So it was easy for the most part but some of the welds were so tough!! On Friday afternoon I was trying to take a star apart and got to a tough part. I was using a screwdriver to pry it apart and the screwdriver (flathead) slipped and I stabbed it into my hand! OUCH...the pain was so bad that I didn't know HOW to react. Christian asked me how he could help and I just told him to take Ava and go away. As soon as he left I just screamed...I guess I thought if I screamed I wouldn't be able to feel the pain. Anyway, as soon as I could partly function we headed to the instacare because I knew I at least needed a tetanus shot. Luckily the screwdriver pushed my tendons aside and just left me with a hole in my hand!! It entered on my palm between my thumb and pointer finger and went in sideways to the middle of my hand. I don't have pain where it entered at all but I sure as heck can tell where it got to inside my hand...OUCH!!

This is the much hated screwdriver and the picture on the right shows how it went into my hand and how far! Ew just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies!!

So after all that drama Christian used a torch to take the stars apart for me. I still have to add a little more ribbon to them but other than that I think they turned out really CUTE! The next thing Chelsie and I are doing are wooden pilgrims and I am definitely going to steer clear of the screwdriver!

Fourth of July




Sunday, September 21, 2008

Say What?

Ava is a talker...she NEVER stops!! She repeats EVERYTHING we say and you can actually UNDERSTAND what she is saying. This morning I was making breakfast and she was in the living room talking away. I heard her saying "boobies" and so Christian and I wanted to see what she was doing. We walked into the living room to see her shoving two balls down her shirt and saying, "boobies, boobies" She was so proud of herself! She is obsessed with boobs...especially mine! It is funny most of the time but it is rather embarrasing when she is pulling at my shirt in sacrament and yelling, "BOOBIES" What am I going to do with this child!?! Oh and I hear that this is only the beginning!! It's a good thing I love her ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


A few weeks ago Christian and I made a list of all the things we still want to do while it is warm outside. It is a pretty big list so we have been busy the last couple of weeks.

We have been wanting to take Ava to the ZOO becuase she is just fascinated with animals and has been saying animal names a lot lately. So a couple Saturday's ago we woke up bright and early and headed to the zoo. I was so glad that we went early because not only was it not busy but the animals were so ACTIVE! Ava's favorite part were the penguins (they were playing in the water) and she also loved the bird show! She was mesmerized the whole time! Then of course we had to let her ride the carousel...and she loved it so much she held on for dear life when Christian tried to take her off!! In the end we decided that we had more fun than Ava. One of the best things in life is to see Ava get so excited over things like the Zoo. We love to see her so happy and therefore we had SO MUCH FUN!!

Last Saturday we hiked to Timpanogas Caves with Christians brother, Ethan, and his girlfriend, Amy. We got a great work-out and had a lot of fun. The formations in the caves are amazing! Ava was a little nervous because it was so dark the whole time but she seemed to enjoy herself a little! This was the first time we met Amy so it was a lot of fun to get to know her. She is VERY cute and Ethan is really cute with her too. But it is no surprise he is good to her cause the Hind boys are all perfect gentlemens...most of the time!! ANYWAY, after the hike we had a picnic across the street. Oh and I have to mention that I got stung by a hornet on the inside of my arm on the way up the mountain. The next day it was an ugly swollen mass that itched like crazy! Now it just looks like a big bruise but I really hate bee's now!!
Oh and I forgot to mention that at one point we took a break right before the big climb. Amy had her head in her hands and Ava looked at her and said, "Amen". She thought Amy was praying and decided to end her prayer for her!!

This week our peaches ripened up and so I picked a TON and went to town!! I made a bunch of freezer jam and jar jam and I just peeled and sliced the rest and froze them. I figure I can make peach pies or have a bowl of peaches and cream with the extra. I also made a few loaves of Zucchini bread from Zucchini's that our neighbors grew...they turned out very yummy! And then I finally got to cooking and mashing our Buttercup squash. This stuff is so yummy and Ava loves it so it is a must in our home! So we now have a stock of that in our freezer too. We are just about ready to hibernate for winter!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today I used the gift certificate I got for my birthday and got a much needed and WANTED pedicure. It felt so nice to sit back and let someone else do the work! I went with my sister-in-law, Dawn, and her friend, Wendy. We had a great time and my feet look and feel great! I feel like wearing socks around to keep them pretty and soft but alas, I MUST show them off!!! These pics are from a phone so they aren't the best but my pretty toes are the ones on the left!!