Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Moment

We went up to Copperton and found some fun places for pics. We're going up again this week for better light so hopefully I can get some better pics of Christian and I...you'll see why! I'm so glad my dad lets me use his camera because we can get some great stuff! Oh and kudos to Picnik for some fun picture editing it let me do!! What do you think?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We thunk it and then it wasn't


Why do I expect spring weather every March when it never happens? This year was NO exception...worse in fact! Ah well...we took as many bike rides as possible anyway...with just a few extra layers!

In March Christian and I started My Fitness Pal (MFP) and what a fun journey it has been! We changed our lifestyle. After I had Spencer my weight sky rocketed and I wasn't going to have it. As much as I hate it I will post a picture of me in March...and this picture is 10lbs lighter than my heaviest! I let myself get away and it makes me sick to think about it! Christian and I, along with several other family members, have been so successful with MFP! I feel so awesome these days and Christian and I are now training for the So Jo Half Marathon in September.

Oh and I have to add that Christian is looking mighty fine these days. Mmmm...mmmm!!!

Here are some pictures to re-cap our March

Freezing but we were anxious to get out!!They always tend to fall asleep at some point. Spence had just woken up but Ava was pooped!Okay...here it is. Christian and I before the big weight loss! As of this picture Christian is down 22lbs and I am down 33lbs. I can't believe we had that much to lose...and we're still going! Ew...this picture is gross!!!
FYI: My SIL, Mary, just called and informed me that this picture is a "bad" picture. Why? She said that this picture makes Christian and I look bigger than we ever were. Makes me feel a little better because this picture is HIDEOUS!! ;)
Our photo shoot was in March and these are my favorites...

April was way more exciting so stay tuned!!