Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tim Dahle Nissan is so DISHONEST!

We have been completely screwed by Tim Dahle Nissan. A couple of weeks ago we traded in our Nissan Xterra for a Honda Odyssey. We got a great deal on the Odyssey...we were able to trade it straight across. A week after we bought it we noticed that it was shifting hard at times and some other things that made us believe the transmission was going to the dumps. Well Tim Dahle Nissan promises a 30 day/3000 mile warranty so no big deal right??? WRONGO! We took our car in to have them look at it yesterday and the mechanic comes to us and says, "It will cost you $110 for me to look at your car and if it is the transmission sales will not do anything about it." WHAT?? We talked to the sales manager and he was the biggest jerk. He was lying out his butt the WHOLE time. I told him we are covered within the 30 day warranty and his response was that the warranty only coveres "major malfunctions" Uh....ummmm...we are talking our transmission not working you dumbo. He said that a major malfunction is the engine blowing. At this point we just couldn't believe we were being treated so horribly. They told us we needed to have them check the car but it would cost us $110. They wouldn't even check our dumb car without charging us!!! I said a few words to the salesman and we were on our way.

Anyway, we took the car next door to Larry H. Miller Honda where the Service writer looked at our car FREE OF CHARGE and confirmed it was the transmission. He couldn't believe how they treated us over there and was just as dumbfounded as us as to why the transmission isn't considered a "major malfunction". Oh did I mention that no where in FINE PRINT does it say what the 30 day/3000 mile warranty covers. So for all I care they should replace a burned out light bulb if I am still within my 30 days.

The sales manager at Tim Dahle also brought up our Xterra and said he didn't even want to tell us how much they had to put into it. BULL CRAP!! That Xterra was in perfect condition and needed NOTHING done to it! And that is TOTALLY BESIDE THE POINT! What if we had just straight out bought the Odyssey without a trade in? What lie would he pull out his butt then? So we are stuck and we don't know what to do. We have been screwed! We have tried to get a hold of the general manager but he is not returning our calls. I am really afraid that there is nothing that can be done and we will have to put $3000 more into a car that we thought was perfectly fine! Larry H. Miller Honda told us they will help us out if it doesn't work out with Tim Dahle but that just means a little discount maybe...ugh. I can't believe people treat people the way they do and can go on with their happy little lives!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Pictures

We FINALLY had family pictures taken and they turned out great! These were taken near Brian Head.

This little girl was onery during pictures so we were lucky to get the pics we got!
Fake Smile but cute nonetheless!
I am so upset that this picture is blurry because it's really cute! Bummer :( Oh and notice the slobber ALL OVER Spencer...he is such a pukey baby! We took a bib off of him right before pictures and he spit up 3 times by the time we were done!
I think our family picture turned out awesome!
Ava, Spencer and their cousins on my side of the family.
This is my family...aren't we hot?!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hind Happenings

We are definitely taking advantage of the summer...well what we have left of it! I feel like it was taken right out from under my nose and so I'm soaking up the sun every minute I get! And for this reason I am posting some pictures to occupy my blog while we are out having fun. I will get back to really blogging when the leaves are falling...

Spencer's Blessing Day - September 6th Spence caught a nasty cold and a warm bath made him a happy boy!
Our little Cougar fan!
Doesn't he look so happy to be wearing blue?!!
I hope they always get along this well...Ava adores her little brother
And best of all...doesn't this just make you melt?

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!