Thursday, January 31, 2008

One of those Nights

Ava got a very bad cold yesterday that hit her fast and hard! She had a fever of 101 all day and I couldn't get it down and she was just miserable. Since Christian got a new job we are only covered on our insurance until the end of today for a few weeks so I took her to the doctor to make sure she didn't have an ear infection. Her ears are just fine and she has an upper respiratory infection. The doctor said that yesterday was just the first day of the cold and so it will only get worse for the next week. That is not what I wanted to hear!! So I was dreading last night. I was up with Ava most of the night and it is just one of the times when you just cry because you are so exhausted and wish you could help your little one. When she isn't sleeping she is crying and I wish I could make her better :(

Monday, January 28, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

"Of all the things for which I feel grateful … , one stands out preeminently. That is a living testimony of Jesus Christ." -President Gordon B. Hinckley"

When I heard of President Hinckley's passing last night a lot of things went through my mind. What a bittersweet feeling to see him go. I was talking with Christian's family last night and we all feel that this is the end of an era. I am sad that he is gone because of all of the great things he did in this life. I look back at all of the things that came to pass because of him and I am filled with so much gratitude. I am so very happy that he is with his sweet wife again. It is so wonderful to know that he is with her and our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again.

President Hinckley accomplished a lot in his lifetime and especially during his time as presiden of the church.

The Family: A Proclomation to the World
President Hinckley announced "small temples" and built many around the world. He gave members all over world the eternal blessings of temples.
A few years ago President Hinckley's testimony was in the May 2000 Ensign. As I read this my own testimony of the gospel is strengthened and renewed. I love President Hinckley and am sad to see him gone but I am so eternally thankful for him and his Christ-like example.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Basket Ride

Ava was lucky enough to get a basket ride from her daddy and she absolutely loved it!! She had a big smile on her face the whole time and didn't want to stop.

I love when we find activities like this that Ava really enjoys.

It is a great exercise for her daddy too! He was huffing and puffing by the time he was done. We had a crying baby when we were done but it was fun while it lasted!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Husband Tag

Look how chubby Ava used to be!!

My husbands name is: Christian Spencer Hind

How long have you been married? 3.5 amazing years! (June 4. 2004)

How long did you date? We dated 8 months before we were married

How old is he? 25 (he will be 26 on March 12th)

Who eats more? Christian does

Who said I love you first? Christian did....I was too chicken to say it first! Wow now that I think back at this it was very awkward ;)

Who is smarter? Christian is all-knowing when it comes to history. He very knowledgable about wars, politicians, and events from history. I am smarter in math and it has been great because I have been able to help him through his math classes.

Whose temper is worse? Christian doesn't have a temper. I have never heard him raise his voice and he has never been mad at me. I am the one with the temper and I don't know how he deals with me!!

Who does the laundry? I usually do and Christian will help me fold all of it but now that he is busy with school I won't make him bother with it :)

Who does the dishes? We take turns

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Christian does. I wanted to sleep on the left side because it is closer to the door which means closer to Ava when she wakes up at night!!

Who pays the bills? Direct Pointe (Christian Job)...but I write the checks!!

Who cooks dinner? I do...I got a new computer program for Christmas called "30 meals in a day" I cook a bunch of meals in a day, freeze them, and then heat them when we are ready to eat. LIFESAVER!!

Who drives when you are together? Definitely Christian

Who is more stubborn? ME

Whose parents do you see the most? We live with mine

Who proposed? Christian

Who has more friends? I think it is about the same. We have been lucky to keep in touch with so many people!

Who has more siblings? Christian has 6.....I have 1 brother and 3 half siblings

Who wears the pants in the family? Christian says I do!!

I have the most amazing husband and I thank my lucky stars for him everyday!! I don't think anyone else could handle me quite like he does!!

It is nice to talk about Christian once in a while on our blog. I tag anyone who wants to brag about their husbands!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Ava is one lucky girl!! She was born right in the middle of 4 other cousins. I would have loved to have cousins to play with when I was growing up. They are just starting to play with each other (and by that I mean taking toys from each other) and it is so fun to watch them interact. Ava will have so much fun growing up with her cute cousins!

Ava loves her cousin Coleman!! I love this picture because Ava is so pleased to be squishing her cousin and Coleman seems to be struggling under this chunky girl!!
Nana gave the five babies in the family these cute matching outfits and they look so darling in them. They are pictured left to right by age in this picture. As of January this is their ages:
Hannah: 11 months
Coleman: 10 months
Ava: 9 months
Noah: 8 months
Reagan: 6 months
They are all getting a little tired of picture taking!
These girls are not very fond of each other yet!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One and Only

My mom bought this kitty for Ava before she was born and I have always put it next to her when she sleeps. Since we have moved into my parents house I haven't put it in her crib and didn't think anything of it. It was on the floor the other day and Ava got really excited. I didn't know what she was doing?! She crawled across the room and got herself wedged between a toy and banana chair. I finally realized what she wanted and gave it to her. She was so excited and she seriously kept a hold of it for the rest of the day!
I tried to take a picture of just her kitty but Ava really wanted it so I got her little hands in the picture too!!

This what she does right after I give it to her. I am glad that she is attached to something because it helps her sleep.

If anything is going to get Ava to crawl it is this kitty. In the meantime she does the army crawl!!

And on a sidenote....My mom has a basket of toys for Ava and she is starting to climb into it now! Most of the time she knocks it over but it suits her purpose of just getting to those darn toys!! It amazes me how fast she learns to do these things!! ....notice the kitty between her legs!!....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jazz 98, Bucks 87


Christian and I are big Jazz fans and we just got around to going to our first game of the season yesterday! The Jazz played the Bucks and it was a great game because they were neck and neck the whole time. The fourth quarter came around and the Bucks only scored 15 points to give us the win!! Deron Williams posted most of the points for the Jazz...he did awesome!! My favorite players on the team are Millsap and Boozer....I'm not totally sure why. They are both really great players but I also like their good attitudes. We got to see our newest player, Krover play too and I really like him. He made most of the shots he took and his tall socks are classic!!

Anyway, the real reason I am posting about the Jazz game is because it was Ava's first. I am so upset that I forgot my camera because I dressed her in Jazz colors and she was so cute. She was screaming like a true Jazz Fan (I seriously thought she was going to lose her voice!). People kept looking at her because she was screaming so loud. The noise and lights just got her so excited. We had really good seats and the camera man noticed her and put her on the Jumbo-tron! It was really cute!!

So we had a great family night and we really enjoyed ourselves! I love when we can get out and do these things as a family.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I hate change. I don't know why I hate it so much but I always have. Christian thinks I am weird but I get scared when it comes to change even when it is good. We have some huge changes coming about in the next couple of weeks and I actually feel pretty good about everything.

Christian starts school at Stevens-Henager College on January 21st. He will go to school non-stop for 15 months, Mon-Thurs. from 6-9:30pm. He will have his Associates in Computer Technology and Networking. I wish I could say he would be done with school by then but he will then continue to get his Bachelors. Anyway, in 15 months he will have completed a 90 credit course. What does this mean? Only that he will have to work his butt off to get A's and B's! Ava and I won't see much of him but it is a sacrifice most of us have to make to succeed in the world! I am so glad that Christian is able to do this program because he is finally getting through school and is actually excited about it!

The next big change going on is that Christian got a NEW JOB with Direct Pointe!! Click here if you would like to see their website:

This is really exciting for us because it is a much better job with a reputable, honest company. He has been going through a hiring process for a few months now. He had 2 personal interviews, 1 online interview, and 1 technical interview. We were then invited to their Christmas party at the Grand America Hotel, which was so neat! He was finally offered the job and we are really excited. They will reimburse us for school if Christian gets good grades in school too! I am worried about this though because I hate waiting for the insurance to kick in. We only have to wait 30 days but I am still nervous.

Mostly good changes and we feel like these changes are right. The next year will be really hard but I know that what we do is not about the hardship of this life, it's about earning the rewards of eternity! Heavenly Father is mindful of all families with husbands in school and I know we will receive many blessings because of Christians sacrifices to provide for our little family!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Winter Berries

I love this time of year and the beauty it brings. I love looking toward the snow covered mountains. I would have a hard time moving away from here for that reason, the mountains are so majestic. Anyway, I love winter. Winter is quiet and just plain pretty...cold, but pretty.

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