Thursday, May 29, 2008


I got Tagged a while back by Susan Catmull and Andrea Haag...sorry it took me so long but I had so much to post!!

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are my QUIRKS and facts about me:

1: For as long as I can remember I have stopped the microwave on seven...or multiples of seven. It is the weirdest thing but it drives me crazy when it stops on any other number. So you know who used the microwave last if it is stopped on seven or its multiples!

2: Since I had Chicken Pox in second grade I have "picked my head". My family says I "pick my head" but I am actually not really picking...I like the feel of my hair on my fingers. It's very similar to the feel of your eyelashes on your fingers. I know weird huh? So next time you see me I gaurantee I will "pick my head" at one point during our visit!

3: I am VERY competitive....VERY. Christian and I can't play games together very often because I HAVE to win! Guitar Hero is the worst! The last time we played together I didn't talk to him for a while afterward because he won! Pathetic huh? You should have seen my family playing volleyball on Memorial Day. It was fun but we are all competitive and so there was a lot of fighting about rules and scores. It's pretty comical!

4: When I do the dishes I have to have the same amount of silverware in each slot. It drives me crazy when I am short silverware...I hate when 4 slots have 3 pieces of silverware and the other 2 have 2. There have been a couple times when I have put clean silverware in just to make it even.

5: I have a knack for LETTERING. I can come up with really cute fonts and put them on paper. I love it! I love that I can put a cute header on my scrapbook pages that totally makes the page. I'm so happy I was given this talent because it has saved me a lot of stress. The best part of this is that I don't even have to use a pencil first...I just go at it with a marker and it looks great. One day I will publish my own fonts and sell'll see!

6: I have major buyers remorse! Actually I have shoppers remorse because I regret stuff even before I buy it. 80% of the time when I am shopping I put back most of what I have. Yesterday I went to Target with my sister-in-law and I had 5 things in my cart. When I got to the checkout I had decided that I was only buying 2 items. I HATE it but I guess it saves us money!

7: I swallow my gum. I know gross huh? I eat gum like it is candy. It is one of my favorite things. I have swallowed gum for as long as I can remember. I have one more thing to say on this matter.
Myth: Chewing gum takes 7 years to pass through the human digestive system
BUSTED: In the words of Barbara Mikkelson, "Gum is eliminated as human waste in the same way - at the same rate- as any other swallowed matter."
If gum took 7 years to pass through me I would have exploded 10 years ago!!!

There you have it! My quirks! I usually am not into tagging but this one was fun and I realized how crazy, weird I am. I LOVE IT!!

Okay here are my tags:
1. Brittany
2. Cami
3. Erin
4. Mary
5. Mary-Anne
6. Melissa
7. Staci

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Me"more"ial Weekend

Even though Ava felt crummy through Sunday night we still managed to have a really fun weekend.

On Sunday night we went to my brothers house and had a dutch oven dinner. The best part of the night was playing volleyball. I forgot how much I love volleyball...but you would never know I used to play by the way I played on Sunday! Ava wasn't feeling well at all so Christian was nice enough to take her home so I could play some more! Thanks sweety - you're the best!

On Monday we woke up bright and early and headed for Lake Mountain (west of Utah Lake). We were disappointed that it was raining but that wasn't about to stop us from having fun! We were planning on doing several geocaches but it was too muddy to go too far up so we ended up doing one just up the mountain. It is always fun to hike with Christian and Ava and we found the cache pretty quick!

We drove up the mountain a little further and found a good place for Christian to shoot his gun. It was a lot of fun until he talked me into shooting. I was really scared as you can tell in the following video. The sound scared the crap out of me and I said the dorkiest stuff! You'll get a good laugh though!

Son of a BEE-AH?!? What kind of word is that??? Ummm I think I'll stick to scrapbooking, although, I would definitely shoot his gun again. I would rather shoot a 22 though...they don't kick as much and they are definitely not as loud!

We had a great time even though we were VERY muddy. It was so muddy that every step I would take I would collect mud. I was sporting Teva's with a 3 inch heel! We had a crazy, fun time!

Christian showing off his muddy Xterra and gun!

Oh and our fun weekend didn't end there. We had a cookout with Christian's family that night and we had a fun time eating, talking, and watching these videos!!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I think Ava is FINALLY on the road to recovery! She has had hand, mouth and foot and it has been really tough on her. She was pretty much her normal self today except for a few hours where she was feverish. She was pretty wore out by the end of the day but I am thinking and hoping that she will be back to normal tomorrow. Then maybe we can actually be normal people and have a fun memorial weekend...I guess we would need to have plans to have a fun weekend though!?!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catching up...

Before Ava was born I said that I was going to stay up-to-date on her scrapbook!! I know...what a funny thing for me to say! So anyway, I decided to start scrapbooking a little more. I usually go once a month with some friends but I only get about 4-5 pages done because I do more talking than I do scrapbooking. So this week I sat down and organized all of Ava's pictures into scrapbooking pics and photo album pics. I have a long ways to go to catch up but I really want to do this. There is a good chance I will look back at this post and laugh because as hard as I am going to try I just know other things will come up. We have taken WAY TOO MANY pictures of Ava and so from now on I am just going to scrapbook big events like holidays, birthdays, firsts, etc. Anyway, here are a few pages that I did this week:

Monday, May 19, 2008


Ava is sick...AGAIN! When is it going to end??? It is one after another for Ava. She got a cold about a week ago, just got two molars, and now she is throwing up and cranky! So I won't get as much done this week as I wanted but that stuff can always wait. In fact I need to stop blogging for now because Ava is MISERABLE.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ava's Walking

So Ava has started WALKING!! She became interested last Thursday and on Saturday she really started taking off. This video is of her walking on Saturday and it amazes me how much she improves each day. She is now able to walk across the room and turn herself in different directions. She definitely prefers to walk over crawling and will take of walking from furniture whenever she has the chance. I am so proud of excuse my excitement in this video. Oh and the laundry basket on Christian's head was the only way he could get Ava to walk to him...she thought it was funny!

I'm Back!

It's been a week since I have been on the internet (I think...if not, oh well) and it was really hard at times to stay off of the computer! I really felt like I was cut off from everything. It's funny because I thought about the internet more than I normally do because I was trying to stay away from it. The internet is a good thing if you can use it in it's not good, it's wonderful!! Anyway, I can't say I got much more done than I normally would. I read a lot. I'm reading Jane Austen's, Emma and I am really enjoying it. I had several church responsibilities this week too and I got through those smoothly. All in all I did get more done and I spent more QUALITY time with Ava.

Well I'm glad to be back and in touch with everyone's lives. I am dedicating a post just to Ava's accomplishment this last week so stay tuned....

P.S. I have to admit that I HAD to watch American Idol and Jazz games...and all of David Archuleta's coverage. So I guess you could say that my TV fast wasn't so successful but I still feel good about how this last week went. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Raelynn you've inspired me. My friend Raelynn is having a "media fast" which means refraining from the computer, TV, etc... As soon as I found out she was doing this I couldn't stop thinking about it. I feel that I waste so much time on the computer. The TV...not so much. So for the next week I am also going to say goodbye to the computer and my dumb TV shows. I am actually really excited to do this because I tell myself everyday that I spend too much time on the computer and not enough time cleaning and most importantly - spending time with Ava. So you will all hear from me in a week...Bye!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have been such a slacker lately! This is the longest I have gone without posting on here. I will post some pictures soon but in the meantime we are doing good. A few things that are going on in our lives:

Ava was sick for a couple of days and then I caught her cold...and this is the kind of cold where you get a fever and just want to sleep!! The worst is over though!

One highlight in our lives right now are the Utah Jazz...we have always been huge Jazz fans and this is one of our favorite times of the year! Go Jazz!

Oh and now that it is getting warmer Christian and I bought bikes and we have had a lot of fun on our excursions around South Jordan. Ava seems to enjoy her bike trailer too! I will post some pictures of our new rides :) Until then...