Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010

Last June I said that I was going to do some "ketchup" and I've only posted 7 times since! SOOO much has happened to our little family in the past year and I am determined to catch up by August when a new member of our family will arrive!

August 2010 brought a lot of outside fun. We did lots of bike rides and spent a lot of time outside with friends!

Since Spencer was sick on the day of his party we gave him some more cake as soon as he felt better. He gave us the reaction we were looking for! He loves himself some red velvet cupcakes (ignore the leftover broccoli on his face)!

Ava had a blast in the rain this month. We had a BIG rain storm that had us soaking wet in just a few minutes! Ava was in heaven and I couldn't help but snap a few pictures before I had to run the camera inside to save it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

You've got a lot of chutzpah to compete for a cab

New York - kids = ADVENTURE!

Christian and I had the BEST time EVER in New York! I keep having dreams of us being there again or on a plane on our way there. It's bad...I REALLY want to go back! It may just be that I want another vacation with just Christian and I. I have never wanted to leave my kids for any period of time and I was actually dreading this trip BUT it was so great to explore this HUGE city without the kids!

Here's what we did...We got on and off a double-decker tour bus for three days. We toured Downtown & Uptown Manhatten, Harlem, & Brooklyn. We, of course, took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty! We went to the Empire State Building to see it but went to the 'Top of the Rock' to get a view of the city. AMAZING! We checked out Times Square which was OKAY...a good look and we are good for life! And then we went to the Majestic Theatre and saw "The Phantom of the Opera"! BUT the best part of our trip was when we rented bikes and rode around Central Park for a couple of hours. It was so neat to see that GINORMOUS park, lay down and just enjoy our time there, and then see all the famous areas there.

Okay I'm getting too wordy so I'll just post some pictures! We seriously had such a good time!

P.S. Magnolia Bakery is to DIE for! My mouth is watering thinking of their Red Velvet cupcakes with light, whipped cream cheese frosting. Oh my goodness...SOOOO GOOD!