Thursday, February 5, 2009

A what?!?

I was sure we were going to have a girl as we walked into the doctors office last night to get an ultrasound. As soon as the probe was on my stomach I realized that there was no way I was having a girl...there between my babies legs was a little winkie!! We are having a boy and I couldn't be more excited! Ava came with us last night and it was really cute to see her look at the screen and say, "Look a baby!" over and over and over!! When we were done she said, "Bye baby." I'm glad we took her with us!Is that a Hind head (big, huge, ginormous)???And here is a picture of me at 15 weeks. It's so funny how different this pregnancy is from Ava's because at 15 weeks with Ava I wasn't even showing and as you can see here I definitely have a belly now!! Although I haven't felt the greatest today I just couldn't resist going to the store and buying him some pajamas for our little guy. He will look so cute and comfy in them! I went through Ava's things last night and I don't have a SINGLE thing that could be even a tiny bit boyish. So we get to do some shopping, creating, and deciding in the next few months!
As for Ava she is the funniest little girl ever! She is learning, talking, coloring, talking, dancing, talking and talking a little more. The girl never stops talking!! It is fun to hear what is on her little mind!

She transitioned so well into her big girl bed. We decided not to put up the safety rails on her bed so she fell out twice the first night and ever since she has slept through the night without any instances! When she wakes up in the morning the first thing I hear is a knock at her door and her little voice saying, "Knock, knock" or "Mom where are you?" or "WAKE UP". It cracks me up!

Last week I took her to a dance class with her cousin and she did so good. It got me really excited to get her into dance classes this coming fall. Here are some pictures of her before dance class:
I told her to show me her teeth so she pointed to them!
This is Ava's funny face!?!Ava at dance class with Cindy Wiggins (my dance teacher when I was little!)

It is fun to look back at my posts from a year ago and see how much life can change so quickly. Ava is nearly two and is getting funner by the day and we will soon add a new member to our family! I hope everyone is doing great and getting through this yucky time of year okay!!