Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Forget

Our giveaway ends in 6 days so don't forget to enter!! Read my last post for more info. It is very simple to get an entry!! Just add us to your blog list or sidebar and you are in!! Let me know if you did any of the things below and I will enter you!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wire Whimsy GIVEAWAY!!!

Before I get started I just have to mention that this is my 100th post! It feels great to record family memories and pictures to look back on!

With that said I just want to let all of you know that Wire Whimsy is now on Etsy! Some of you have been interested in purchasing our product and now you can! If you see something you like on Etsy but would like to pick it up rather than pay shipping you can email us at or comment here. Now is the PERFECT time to get your Christmas decor from us as we are having a SALE. To get to our Etsy store click on my "mini shop" on my side bar or just click here!

So since this is my 100th post and we want everyone to get a chance to enjoy our product Wire Whimsy is having a GIVEAWAY!!! We will be giving away a "ho ho ho SET", "Candy Cane sign", and a "Christmas Tree Sign" - One each to three people! We will accept entries until November 30th at 12pm Mountain Time! Here are ways you can ENTER this contest (Up to 5 enteries per person):

1 - Simply Mention our Etsy website on your blog and then comment here and let me know that you would like to be entered in the drawing. ( (1 Entry)

2 - Let all of your friends and family know about this giveaway by dedicating an ENTIRE blog post to Wire Whimsy...simply let everyone know that we are doing a giveaway and link them to this blog ( and our Etsy store ( Once you have done this comment here to let me know! (3 Entries)

3 - Add this link to your sidebar or add us to your blog list then let me know by commenting here (2 Entries):


Monday, November 3, 2008

Mutton Hollow

This year my sister-in-law, father-in-law, and I have decided to enter the world of boutiques!! We sold our product at Rod Works before we got prego and so we hope that we can do as well at boutiques as we did there! This week we are participating in the Mutton Hollow Country Barn Boutique (sigh...what a MOUTHFUL!). I am nervous about the outcome of this boutique...we have never done one before and so we don't know what to expect! I LOVE our product but I don't know what the people who visit the boutique will think? The UNKNOWN is so frustrating!! We have been working our tooshies off and so I thought I would get word out! Above is all the information if you are interested in checking it out! BELOW is a look at some of our product. We are only selling Christmas product at the boutique but if you want to see that you will have to visit our booth (okay, okay....I'll let you take a little about the candy cane?...and it's more like wicker shelves not a booth...pffft!)...otherwise here is a look at a FEW of our seasonal products so you can get an idea of what we have. I hope to see some of you there!