Monday, April 27, 2009

Much Needed

It has been a long time since I have updated on our family...I'm going to update with more pictures and less talk!!

Ava had a lot of fun with all of our Easter activities. She was very interested in "painting" the eggs and we heard about the Easter egg hunt for days after!! Every time she saw her basket she said, "Is a my basket, is a my candy" to let us know that it was her basket and her candy.Ava's birthday celebrations was a lot of fun. Ava is absolutely obsessed with Tinkerbell and so, of course, she had a Tinkerbell party. She was thrilled to have her cousins and friends over to play with! She is a girl through and through and loved all of her princess/Tinkerbell gifts. We don't see as much of her these days because she is so into her new 'stuff' as Ava would say.

On Ava's birthday we took her to get "rice" - one of her favorite things in life! And then we went to South Towne Mall because riding the carousel is such a thrill to her. She is ALWAYS asking us if she can "ride a horse". We rode the reindeer, horse, and zebra and then headed to the park to finish off her "happy birthday".

I can't believe my baby is two years old! She is growing up so fast and amazes me with the things she says every day. She is talking in complete sentences now and her high pitched, electronic voice, makes it so cute! One of her favorite things to say is "Oh my gosh" - especially when she sees something that has to do with a princess. Yesterday the poor thing was constipated and came up to me and Christian and said, "Ow, My butt hurts" and after an hour of pain and grunting she exlaimed, "All better!!" And then this morning we had to take Christian to pick up the work car and she saw a tractor and said, "Oh no, the truck is going to get me" She was very concerned about it! She also understands the concept of being 'scared' and things that are 'scary' now and as I type this she is telling me that the movie she is watching is "scawe-wee". But if she tells us it's "happy" then it is definitely not scary! Sometimes her tantrums can get out of hand but her cute little personality and hugs makes it all worth it...I am a proud mommy and I could go on forever about her ;)

Christian is doing great...he is still going to school and is going to continue through the summer. I don't know how he keeps his grades so high with all the other responsibilities he has but he does it and I am proud of him. He is VERY anxious to get into a house of our own and is really enjoying house hunting. I think he is most anxious to move closer to his work...he is tired of driving to South Provo every day!

As for me...I am obsessed with saving money on groceries these days! I have an organized system set up that I researched and I am loving saving up to $100 a month on groceries! Not only am I saving but we are actually building our food storage!! I am 26 weeks pregnant and this little guy inside of me is making himself known! It is amazing how different my pregnancies have been! Ava never kicked my ribs but this kid has made a habit out of it! When he wakes up and starts moving I get nervous because I just know I'm going to be in pain soon...but it's one of those things that shouldn't be funny but I laugh as he does it!! I am loving being pregnant!

We are loving the warm weather and so I'm assuming I won't be updating as least until July when the baby comes! I hope to hear from all of you and I hope you are all enjoying the weather!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I LOVE a great deal!!

I got all of this for $1.42 (including tax)!! Everything was FREE except for the bags of salad!! I was especially excited to get the "On the Go" first aid kits!