Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ketchup makes everything better...

And so does a little bit of CATCH-UP! I am overwhelmed. I have not blogged because I dread the "ketchup". I had a moment of blogger's itch. It's gone now. *Sigh* I can do this.

my blog = family scrapbook.

It will be printed. bound. displayed. This means I must backtrack...just a little ;)

I can do this.


trouble. bath. beauty. {snap}.

Spencer's first bath sitting up!
Ava was thrilled.

Loved it. Trouble.

Beautiful. She feeds off of this kind of thing!
{snap}. He's adorable
In February Ava was nearly 3. Talks...A LOT. Pretends. Excited for her birthday party. Fit thrower. Movie watcher. Princess...seriously.
Spencer was 6 months. Sitting up. Free smiles. Couch potato.

Weight: 13.9lbs (5%ile)
Height: 25.6 in. (25%ile)
Coming up....March

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I know...Lame! I haven't posted in a month and THIS is what I decide to post on now!! It's called Groupon and my SIL's just made me aware of it today. It looks like great fun at great prices. We just got today's deal and it looks like we are going to a movie with popcorn and a drink for $10!! Can't beat that!

Click here to go to

With that said, I will get on and update on us soon. We have been busy!