Monday, December 31, 2007

Basement Bound

Christmas was a lot of fun for us and we loved watching Ava play with paper and spending lots of time with family. But the day after Christmas Christian and I buckled down and packed up our little apartment. We are now living in my parents basement until the house we are moving into is finished. My dad bought a house in South Jordan that he is just about done flipping and then we will move in for a year or so when they are ready to sell it. I am excited to be out of apartment living....especially our 2 bedroom, 729 sq ft. apartment!!

Living with my parents isn't so bad. My mom LOVES Ava (who doesn't?) and she is always wanting us to leave her home when we are going someplace...WOW!! My parents love feeding her and by the time we move from here Ava will be very plump :)

So we are trying to settle and relax from the stressful week we have had. I am happy that we are making this move but I am sad to leave my church ward. We associated with a lot of good people there and it was hard to say goodbye. I'm sure I will love the ward I am moving into!! We are moving into the Parkway 4th Ward which is the ward I grew up in!


Erin said...

I didn't know you were moving to an old ward of yours. Cool! I can't wait to see your house!

Mary-Anne said...

Yay! I'm very excited for you that you are moving into a house. That will be SO nice for you guys! Hope you had a Happy New Year!

Anderson Family said...

I hate moving!! I am excited for you all to move into the house.

staci annie said...

Hey Nichole. I am sooo jealous that you are moving into a house. I didn't know that your dad flips houses. My husband thinks it would be so cool to flip a house one day.