Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Me"more"ial Weekend

Even though Ava felt crummy through Sunday night we still managed to have a really fun weekend.

On Sunday night we went to my brothers house and had a dutch oven dinner. The best part of the night was playing volleyball. I forgot how much I love volleyball...but you would never know I used to play by the way I played on Sunday! Ava wasn't feeling well at all so Christian was nice enough to take her home so I could play some more! Thanks sweety - you're the best!

On Monday we woke up bright and early and headed for Lake Mountain (west of Utah Lake). We were disappointed that it was raining but that wasn't about to stop us from having fun! We were planning on doing several geocaches but it was too muddy to go too far up so we ended up doing one just up the mountain. It is always fun to hike with Christian and Ava and we found the cache pretty quick!

We drove up the mountain a little further and found a good place for Christian to shoot his gun. It was a lot of fun until he talked me into shooting. I was really scared as you can tell in the following video. The sound scared the crap out of me and I said the dorkiest stuff! You'll get a good laugh though!

Son of a BEE-AH?!? What kind of word is that??? Ummm I think I'll stick to scrapbooking, although, I would definitely shoot his gun again. I would rather shoot a 22 though...they don't kick as much and they are definitely not as loud!

We had a great time even though we were VERY muddy. It was so muddy that every step I would take I would collect mud. I was sporting Teva's with a 3 inch heel! We had a crazy, fun time!

Christian showing off his muddy Xterra and gun!

Oh and our fun weekend didn't end there. We had a cookout with Christian's family that night and we had a fun time eating, talking, and watching these videos!!


Andrew said...

That was freaking funny Nicole. Awesome! I felt the same way when I first shot my smokepole


Adam & Brynn Tuft said...

LOL I love you Nicole, haha you are funny, I love the video. :) Looks like you guys had a good time!!! :) I'm glad you didn't let anything ruin your weekend!!

Adam & Brynn Tuft said...

oops! I mean Nichole... with an h :)

Brittany and Andy said...

Thats awesome Nichole! I haven't even shot Andy's gun! I am so afraid of the kick! K we need to hang out! Lets not wait for the guys to plan it. When are you available! We could do the zoo or something! talk to you later BEE-AH!!

Erin said...

Your poor eardrums! You guys need ear plugs!!! :)

Chet & Erin said...

Yeah I am glad you stuck with your decision to show the video. I just laughed and had Chet watch too so he could enjoy the show. I know the gun thing all too well. I went hunting with Chet and his rifle was so loud I lost my spot on them through the binocs. Well for sure we should do lunch, hopefully its not the reuninon weekend. How fun, how fun!

The Wingwah's said...

I love that your first response was "oh ,I wanted to put that on the blog"