Thursday, June 12, 2008

Arena Football is BLAZIN!!

***Brittany this one is for you...and for your information I look horrible in these pictures...soooo I didn't want to post them but since we had such a great time I decided I should!!***

Thanks to some great friends (Andy & Brittany) and Brittany's awesome free ticket skills we were able to go to the Utah Blaze game on Monday night! Not only did we get to watch a great football game but we all lost 5lbs. Now how do you lose 5lbs by going to an arena football game and eating you ask? Well we climbed a our nosebleed seats! But you won't find me complaining because we had a ton of fun...and who could complain about losing 5lbs??? Ava was really good considering it started when she should have been going to bed! She was happy to be able to use those little lungs of hers and cheer for OUR Utah Blaze...who by the way WON!!! They played LA and the final score was 65,56. We had a really fun night and eventually made it out of the parking garage! Thanks Andy and Brittany for the fun night!

P.S Ava has her first crush! His name is Cohen and he is adorable! I think he likes her too. He was crying because Ava was too shy to accept is kiss. One day it will all work out 19 years when you return from your mission maybe, just maybe Ava will be ready for that kiss!!


Erin said...

Shut UP! You look hot and you know it.

Brittany and Andy said...

Sweet! Thanks Nichole. Cohen is gonna get some lovin' else where if your ice princess of a daughter won't put out! hehe