Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stay little forever please

Well Spencer turned the big ONE on August 1st...that's right he's nearly 18 months NOW. I want to blog about his birthday party because it was SO much fun for everyone...EXCEPT Spencer. Spencer was a sick boy that day and his dummy parents didn't realize it until everyone showed up for the party and he was acting up. BUT we all enjoyed ourselves anyway. I went crazy for his party and did a vintage airplane theme. His invitations turned out to be such a hit! I made them look like a boarding pass and I had a lot of fun with it.

The decorations were really fun too...I especially liked the tissue paper clouds and his vintage airplane banner! It all turned out great except for the star of the show. Spence was okay at times and miserable at others :( Oh well, not everything can be perfect. Spencer wasn't into opening presents much and when it came to eating his cake he was not interested AT ALL! We did the cake eating part again the next week so he could enjoy some yummy chocolate! I LOVE parties and I tend to over-do it most of the time but it was memorable for ME...I know, selfish right? Here are some pictures so that Spencer can look back one day and MAYBE appreciate it.
Lots of people love Spencer!!
And this is how our little guy was feeling...

Some things about Spencer, who will be 18 months on Feb 1st:

-He is OBSESSED (understatement) with Toy Story ANYTHING. He walks around saying all the characters names and he pretends to fly like Buzz with is hands above his head!

-He didn't walk until he was 16.5 months old. He drove us crazy for months, giving us little glimpses of walking, and then wussing out!

-He absolutely LOVES to play with Ava when she lets him. Her attention is his favorite thing.

-He is the pickiest eater EVER. He never just eats a food...we have to force it into his mouth first and if he likes it (rare) he won't fight us anymore. When he does like a food he will eat like a horse. This kid can down an entire banana in less than a minute.

-He is so cuddly when he wants to be and I'm so thankful for it. Yesterday I was playing with him on the floor and he walked up to me with pursed lips and gave me a kiss. I loved it!

We love you Spencer! You add so much to our lives and we are so glad Heavenly Father sent you to be a part of our family!


Erin said...

As I'm looking at your pictures I'm noticing that everyone looks slightly shiny (ie sweaty) and I'm thinking, I'd give anything to be hot and/or sweaty right now. (As I type this it is about 25 degrees outside...)

That party was adorable but, despite being sick, Spencer was even more adorable. What a sweet boy!

Brittany and Andy said...

Oh he is the sweetest! He is such a funny dude!! That WAS an awesome party!

The Wingwah's said...

i thought the same thing as Erin... Oh everyone looks tan! I'm okay with winter until it hits these freezinf temps and then its not so nice.
He's a keeper! and don't worry I have often wondered why my kids were being super ornery and April would always say "they are probably sick" which of course, they were.
You better catch up before you have that baby!

Hendricksonblog said...

oh yeah congrats w/that new baby! Glad to have you are staying right?
I hope you are feeling better.
I love those invitations. I wish I were creative but I have embraced that I am not.