Friday, August 24, 2012

One Year Older

A year has come and gone since my little guy, Brigham, was born!  This was the fastest year of my life...thus ZERO blog posts have been done!  But I did all I could this last year and so I don't have any regrets!  Three kids is just as hard as everyone says and I've had to let go of a lot of things like clean baseboards, a cleaning schedule, and a certain time for everything!  
Here is just a little bit about our CRAZY, non-stop, Briggidy-Iggidy!  We love him to pieces and I think every parent should have the chance to brag about their here is mine...and there is a lot of it!!

*He is our biggest one-year-old yet!  He is average in weight and height, which is AMAZING for our kids!

*Brigham eats more than Ava and Spencer combined! He is eating us out of house and home!

*He is our HARDEST baby.  He is so curious and into EVERYTHING.  He is the splashing-in-toilets, falling-down-stairs, unrolling-toilet-paper, breaking-electronics, kind of baby.  He gives us a run for our money.  I am not joking when I say that he WILL NOT sit still or hold still when he is being held.  He must be ruining something or hurting someone to be happy.  He is hard to say the least and it is a good thing we love him.

*He has a pucker face where he puckers his lips and scrunches his face.  He does it when he falls and pretends to cry!

*He crawled at 9 months and started climbing up and down the stairs at the same time!  

*He isn't walking yet and isn't showing much interest.  He stands up in the middle of the room but will just stay there!  Hopefully he doesn't take as long as his brother who walked at 16.5 months!

*He is a very social baby and likes everyone around him.  He doesn't get nervous with other people and has stayed away from us for a couple of nights without any trouble!

*He is amazingly smart!  He talks so well and knows so many signs.

*He says the simple things like mom, dad, bye, no, dog, ball and hi.  And then he also says these...and mostly's awesome how good he is at talking:

"Happa" (Happy), 
"Die Dine" (Signing Time)
"Opf" (off)
"Ca" (Cat)
"Bur" (Bird)
"Igh" (light)
"Do" (milk...don't know why he says that?)
"Afs" (Ava)
"Ba" (Bath)

And I'm sure more will come to me but there's just SO many ;)  Haha!  And here is another list...these are
signs he knows and is so good at:

Eat, milk, bird (he does it so perfectly), mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, airplane, car, flag, fan, hot, baby, dog, cat, fish, sleep, play, book, signing time, sign for Ava, please, thank-you, happy, light, on/off, no, yes, and more.

Although Brigham is a hard little baby he makes up for it with his silliness and his sweet little face!  He is our blue-eyed baby boy!


6th Ward Relief Society said...

I think your blue eyed baby boy is a angel.

Cydnee said...

That was the fastest year ever for sure! I love his perfect ability to sign bird. He's awesome t that! Wish I had more opportunities to hang with the little man.

Hendricksonblog said...

I can sign bird too but I am sure it looks different than his. LOL Thanks for posting. I don't even know this little boy. I think I have seen him once. He looks like you to me though. Good luck w/the naughtiness LOL