Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well it's not only that time of year when Christmas is here but also that time of year when colds are here!! Christian, Ava and I all have nasty colds. Ava has had hers for over three weeks and it just got worse this week. She now has a stuffy nose that keeps her up. I put her down for a nap 45 minutes ago and she just fell asleep...She can't fall asleep without her binky but she can't suck on her binky because of her stuffy nose. As soon as she calms down she starts coughing and gets worked up again. Anyway, I always get a cold when the inversion comes so I was expecting this. And Christian, who NEVER gets sick, actually has a cold himself!! We are just a sick family and I hope we start feeling a little better before Christmas and before we move. Does anyone else have a cold or is it just my family?


The Hulls said...

Colds do stink! Reese got one the day we flew out here. She wakes herself up because she can't stop coughing. We'll be here until Jan. 4th so we're excited to be able to spend some time here! I love being back!
I'm sorry about the colds.

Erin said...

Yeah, we are all suffering here to. Except of course Adam who never gets sick or rarely! Poor Avita! I hate it when my babies are sick!