Thursday, December 13, 2007

Goodbye Focus!!

Yeah we finally sold our Ford Focus!!! We have been trying to get rid of it for a few months now and we sold it for less than we wanted to...but it is finally gone!! We now only own our Xterra and Christians '86 CRX Si, which Christian will never sell because he says it is part of his "Collection" and he wants to fix it up....Grrr!!

So I am very happy that we got rid of our Focus but it is kind of bittersweet. Christian and I drove that thing all over town when we were dating. We took it to California on our honeymoon. We brought Ava home from the hospital in it....Lots of great memories in that car. Then again we had problems with it and spent more than we should have fixing it up!! Here are some pictures of Ava with what was left of the Focus!!


Erin said...

That is funny. I'm sure she wanted to put it all in her mouth.

Nichole said...

Yes she did...we had to hurry and get these pictures!! Blek I don't even want to think about where that money has been!!

Aubrey said...

That is a cute picture, but yea for selling cars you need to get rid of.