Friday, January 18, 2008


Ava is one lucky girl!! She was born right in the middle of 4 other cousins. I would have loved to have cousins to play with when I was growing up. They are just starting to play with each other (and by that I mean taking toys from each other) and it is so fun to watch them interact. Ava will have so much fun growing up with her cute cousins!

Ava loves her cousin Coleman!! I love this picture because Ava is so pleased to be squishing her cousin and Coleman seems to be struggling under this chunky girl!!
Nana gave the five babies in the family these cute matching outfits and they look so darling in them. They are pictured left to right by age in this picture. As of January this is their ages:
Hannah: 11 months
Coleman: 10 months
Ava: 9 months
Noah: 8 months
Reagan: 6 months
They are all getting a little tired of picture taking!
These girls are not very fond of each other yet!!


Levi & Meg said...

Thats SO fun! I think one day you and your husband should take them all out with just the 2 of you and see how many stares you get.. And tell people they are all the same age.. Not quadruplets... What would that be? Oh man.. Could you imagine.. That would be crazy!! Wait til they get older and are all running around everywhere.. Grandmas house is going to be crazy!!

The Hulls said...

That is so fun! It's amazing how close they all came! They are all so cute!

Erin said...

I love how happy Noah is!

Adam & Brynn Tuft said...

SO FUN! I love lots of babies together!! It's like the picture you got of all of them in their car seats, I loved that one too. They will have so much fun together! (and I especially love how you only get one good shot as they get very agitated with the picture taking!!) haha

RaeLynn said...

Ha! I love the one of Ava sitting on Coleman. That's awesome. And easy on the cuteness of the matching outfits. How darling. p.s. I LOVE the look of your blog!