Tuesday, February 5, 2008


What a week!! Poor Ava is still sick :( I feel so helpless...I feel like I can't even comfort her. Today is the first day since last Wednesday that Ava hasn't had a fever. Poor thing has been miserable. In the midst of all of this she got another tooth, which I am sure added to her fever. We finally got her on antibiotics for an ear infection and so I hope she starts feeling better!

So last night she woke up screaming and nothing I did would console her. She was just crying in pain. This went on for an hour and then all of a sudden she passed SO MUCH GAS!! I am not joking when I say that as soon as she did that she was out like a light! It was so sad at the time but now I find it kind of funny!

The one really great thing about all of this is that Ava actually cuddles with us. She is too wiggly to normally cuddle with and now she will cuddle for an hour and I LOVE it!!


Adam & Brynn Tuft said...

I'm sorry she's still sick!! That is no fun! (especially an ear infection!) But I'm glad she's on antibiotics now so she can get better!!

That's funny about the cuddling thing cause I am the same way. Makenna is a complete Daddies girl through and through, and I used to LOVE it when she was sick for the same reason.. haha it was the only time I could hold her and she'd let me cuddle! But now she's too big and won't cuddle no matter what! :)

I hope Ava gets better soon!!!!!!!

Anderson Family said...

She is gassy just like her dad!!!

Erin said...

How IS sweet Avita these days?