Monday, April 21, 2008

The Big ONE!

Time flies! Ava turned one on Sunday. I can't believe how fast this last year has gone. I can clearly remember sitting on our couch holding my newborn baby! Ava is getting to be such a big girl. Ava loves books, stuffed animals, LiTTLE People, her kitty and "lamby" blanky, drinking water, talking, Signing Time, dancing, and just about everything that a little girl could like! Ava has been learning sign and is in a sign language class and she is doing so good! I love to know her thoughts! My favorite sign she does is water because when she signs it she says, "Wa-we" She has such a sweet/crazy personality. We love her so much. What in the world did we do with our time before we had her???

On Saturday we celebrated Ava's birthday with family at our place. It was a lot fun and Ava was SOOO hyper!!
Ava's famous DIRTY LOOK!!

Ava opening her presents! She got lots of fun toys and very cute outfits.

Lots of family was there to celebrate Ava's big ONE!

Ava LOVED her cake! She started sharing with everyone too!

And this is my favorite picture! She was so pleased with herself!


Anderson Family said...

Okay...where is the pic of her favorite birthdya present! JK

I love the crusty pic, it, of course, looks soooo much like Christian!


Susan Catmull said...

Love the cake face.

The Hulls said...

How fun! It's crazy how fast time flies! She is so cute! I love the last picture with her cake everywhere!

rickandcami said...

What a cutie! Crazy how time just flies isn't it. It will be so fun to celebrate Mikkean's birthday here in a few months!

Nathanael and Mary-Anne said...

How fun! I can't believe she's already one...I remember seeing you working at Missionary Emporium when you were pregnant with her and that seems like it was just the other day!! Crazy...and I LOVE that last pic of her. SO CUTE.

Aubrey said...

Love the pictures, you really captured the moment. But I love the picture of everyone and their cameras.

Chet & Erin said...

She is one, I feel really bad now because I have not seen her in so long and really how fast that went. It seems just like yesterday you were pregnant. Well her dirty look is so cute. She must get that from you! Jk...Remember how people used to think we gave dirty looks alot. Well her party looked fun and the cake was decorated so cute. You will have to come down her again sometime, the weather and now In and Out Burger.

Amber said...

Awesome. It is always a good sign when they are covered in cake!

Becky (Staci's mom) said...

Happy birthday to a darling little girl! Love the cake pictures. You are such a cute mom Nicole!!!