Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hind Happenings

Quick update on the Hinds...

10 months of school left...Bachelor's hooray!
Still working for Direct Pointe...likes it but hates the drive
Deer hunt unsuccessful...should have shot the annoying doe eating our food!
College Football obsession. Major BYU fan!

Loves being a mommy of two cute kids.
Working as a Loan Processor for dad...lucky to have this job!
Making wall decor for SIL's. Very cute!
Needs to scrapbook BADLY!

Loves is an understatement!
Loves Spencer to death
Doesn't understand why Spencer would pull her hair?!!
Is amazed with snow. Loves it way more than last year!
Is obsessed with barbies and dolls
Her life is "Playing Pretend" - never sure when she is for real!
and...drumroll please.....
100% POTTY TRAINED!!! She's even awesome at night!

3 months old
Doesn't just talk - he screams!
Has the sweetest smile
Grabs at everything he can reach
Likes to pull hair
Rolled over @ 2 months old
Needs to let mommy sleep at night!


amrust said...

That sounds like fun! We still miss you guys, but what is this wall decor stuff that you do?? Anything seasonal?

Cyd said...

Yeah for wall decor for SIL's new baby! Can't wait to see it. You guys are lucky ducks by the way to have Ava potty trained. That will save you some serious money and stress.

Erin said...

My kids screamed too when they first started "talking". And once they started talking they never stopped. I have noisy babies but I love it.