Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ava & Spencer

These two sure do love eachother! They are so sweet together. Ava loves to play with Spencer and he is such a brave little guy to withstand all of Ava's torturings!

Dressing up is one of Ava's favorite things and she involves Spencer in it too!

She even dresses him up in the bathtub...pictured here as a KING!

I can't believe Ava is nearly three years old! She is such a good girl and so loving towards all of us. She lets us know constantly that she loves us and when daddy comes home she likes us to give hugs and says, "happy family". She amazes me everyday with the things she learns and can do! We love her death!
Spencer is 6 months old now. I can't believe how time flies!! He's a skinny little guy (5%) which is a big change from Ava @ this age (75%). He's sitting up and rolling over and babbling like crazy! When he's hungry he says "mama" and it melts my heart! He signs 'milk' when he is hungry and he also does it while he is nursing or taking a is really funny! He also recognizes the signs eat/food and all done. We love this little guy!


emily, etc, etc said...

Your kids are so cute. Ava has gotten so big since I last looked. I love Spencer's dress-ups.

Nicole Marsh said...

What a cute boy, It is crazy how fast the grow up. 2nd chidren have to be so tough to survive their older sibling!

Hendricksonblog said...

He looks like a skinny you-baby and sort of like Tyler. Its only fair since Ava is mini dad

Jenn said...

He is soooo cute! I love Ava's dressups!