Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grandma's Christmas Party

My grandma has a Christmas party in Cedar City every year and this was Ava's first...Christians too! As you can see Ava was pooped by the time Santa arrived!! We had a lot of fun and got to see a ton of family. We were happy that we were able to make it because there were a lot of things going against us...the biggest being that the party was last Saturday and there were snow storms all over Utah. So we just drove slow and made it safely there!
Ava made her own little Christmas tree...with a little help from mom!!

This is me doing the little kid crafts...I love doing dinky things like this!! Not only did we decorate a tree but we decorated Ava too. It was either in her mouth or on her head and I chose the latter!! My cute mom is in the background!!
My mother likes giving Ava her Diet Coke because she is not the one that has to deal with her later!! Ava LOVES soda and does really well drinking out of the can.
This is my brother and his girlfriend, Courtney. We found out just a few minutes before this that Courtney has a MISSIONARY....Ummm okay girl, now is the time to "Dear John" him because you are seriously dating my brother and we want you to be part of our family not your missionaries...what are you thinking!! :)


Brynn said...

I love your hair Nichole, it looks good like that.. :)

Nichole said...

Thank you....I really like it this way too.